Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Five leadership “lifehacks” that can make your job easier

By Shana Makos, Fraternal Values Society Coordinator

As a member of the Fraternal Values Society, it’s a given that you are actively involved in your own organization and likely several others. Managing time and staying organized is crucial and sometimes hard to do. These five “lifehacks” are tools that might make your job a little easier.

Get organized
This service allows you to upload your documents to a server and access it anywhere. No more complaining because you left your homework on your computer at home. Everything’s in the cloud.

This app will help you manage your tasks and anything else you need to keep organized. Make lists and cross off tasks as you navigate your day. And, it’s already integrated to the rest of your Google products.

Stay (or get) focused
This tool transforms your computer into a full-screen writing environment that blocks your access to your typically distracting computer interfaces. Work without interruption!

Be informed
Feedly is an easy to use news aggregator that puts all of your favorite news stories in one place. Don’t waste time tracking down news from a bunch of different websites.

Get creative
This app allows you to collect and combine a bunch of different information, including text, images, and video, and either keep it to yourself or share it with others. By collaborating with other users, you can get new ideas for different projects, events, or papers.