Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Facebook Tip: That guy/gal (that's in your chapter)

What part of... it's the WORLD WIDE WEB ...don't you get?

I've been trying for some time now to help students understand that what they post on Facebook is often available to anyone and everyone. Anyone.

Well, I've got a new partner in this quest...

An entire new blog of examples of what your parents are doing or saying, that they shouldn't do or say, on Facebook.

Glorious. Spectacular. And incredibly awesome.

If students see how completely ridiculous and unbelievable their parents are - maybe they will get the clue phone text message to understand their own actions.

I now wait impatiently for the next new blog with pictures of fraternity and sorority members doing things and saying things that don't follow their stated values.

And if you are wondering who this message was intended for? To quote my good friend Dave Westol, "pick up the clue's for you."

Hazing exists because you don't care...enough.

So the story goes like this:

Dru: (To the class*) "Raise your hand if you are against hazing."

Laura: (Raises her hand, along with others)

Dru: "No you're not. Because if you really were against hazing, you would be sitting outside of the chapter house in the bushes with a camera."

* graduate course at the University of Maryland taught by Dr. Dru Bagwell - 1995 Robert H. Shafer lifetime achievement award winner - Association of Fraternity Advisors.

While education is always good, eradicating hazing from fraternities and sororities will take more than education.

I invite you to consider if you were really committed to eliminating hazing you would:
  • Increase the legal penalty of hazing in your state.
  • Get official hazing legislation passed in your state, if your state or another doesn't have any.
  • Donate your own money to a cause committed to eliminating hazing.
  • Have a policy that if you participate in hazing you are expelled from school.
We need to stop talking and start doing. Hazing remains because we aren't fully committed to it's total elimination. We use the excuse of "tradition." I find it slightly ironic that the word "tradition" means like in the last few years. Tradition? Really? Like when you were founded tradition? Or more like what you "know" tradition?

Guilty until proven innocent. Maybe we should change how we go about investigation. If a chapter is alleged to be hazing, it should be suspended until it can prove its innocence. If it can't prove it's innocence, it's removed from campus and the charter is taken by the headquarters. This will scare many - but what do you have to worry about if you aren't hazing?

From my experience, regarding hazing - when there's smoke there's fire.

Quit contributing excuses and start working to really eliminate hazing. If you aren't working against it, you're part of the problem.

It's time to take a stand.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Start of Something New

Here it is...the very first Blog post for the Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values (AFLV).  There's a lot new going on with AFLV these days.  Following the consolidation/merger of the Mid-American Greek Council Association (MGCA) and the Western Region Greek Association (WRGA) we have our new name, a name that is truly representative of what and who we are - an association that serves the larger Fraternal market providing services, experiences, and education to enhance the leadership and values oriented skills and knowledge for those we work with.

Our website is new...a whole new build out showcasing news and information about the events and programs of the Association and the larger Fraternal Market.  Get membership information, register for an upcoming event, network with other members sharing ideas and information, and find resources that enhance the work you do on campus to impove and support the fraternal experience.

A new Director of Member Services has been hired to bring all new services an products to our members.  Watch for all the exciting things coming in the next few months.

What's not new?  Our continued commitment to bring you excellence in fraternal programming.  What's not new?  Our ability to produce educational, exciting and inspirational conferences.  What's not new?  Our dedication to the broad and diverse fraternal market including culturally focused councils and chapters, advisors, students, headquarters staff, house directors, the student leaders of campus fraternal organizations, and the companies that serve the larger fraternal market with their products and services.

We hope you enjoy the AFLV blog.  We hope you gain so much from your participation in the larger Association.  We look forward to working with and providing service for our members.  Help us celebrate and rejoice in "The Start of Something New."