Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Facebook Tip: That guy/gal (that's in your chapter)

What part of... it's the WORLD WIDE WEB ...don't you get?

I've been trying for some time now to help students understand that what they post on Facebook is often available to anyone and everyone. Anyone.

Well, I've got a new partner in this quest...

An entire new blog of examples of what your parents are doing or saying, that they shouldn't do or say, on Facebook.

Glorious. Spectacular. And incredibly awesome.

If students see how completely ridiculous and unbelievable their parents are - maybe they will get the clue phone text message to understand their own actions.

I now wait impatiently for the next new blog with pictures of fraternity and sorority members doing things and saying things that don't follow their stated values.

And if you are wondering who this message was intended for? To quote my good friend Dave Westol, "pick up the clue's for you."

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