Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Resolution: Step in Before the Sharpie

In my fraternity, as an undergrad, we had an unwritten rule.

If you can't make it to your own bed by were fair game. That meant if you couldn't make it to bed because you were too drunk or if someone had to help you, then the fraternity had a green light to write on you with a sharpie marker.

My pledge grandfather got so drunk during Homecoming that he passed out on the front lawn of the fraternity house. (Note to self: I don't recommend this)

As chapter president, I walked in to his room to find his own pledge brothers writing on him with markers. One guy was coloring in the left side of his face with a lime-green highlighter. He said, "I just thought I needed to fill it in."

Now I believe that the intent behind writing on people was a good one. (Stay with me here) The fraternity's intent was a good one. They were trying to teach guys that if you got that drunk, bad things will happen to you. The fraternity was trying to use it as a deterrent.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work. It didn't then. It doesn't now.

So let's say we're all at a party. You see me drinking. You see me drinking more. You see me drinking throughout the night at the party. Do you ever step in? No. Do you tell me to slow down? No. Is it easy to do either of those? No. Should you? Yes. But in fact and most often, you wait until I get so drunk I don't have control ...and then you jack with me?

Is that how you define your brotherhood/sisterhood?

How about this year, we all make a new year's resolution to step in and intervene before we get to using the sharpie marker?

Are you your brother and sister's keeper?

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Necessity is the mother of invention..........................