Friday, April 9, 2010

Are you connected?

This week has been all about technology in my world, which has led to some pondering about how we use technology and how that has changed, just in the past few years. Heck, it has changed in the past few minutes as I type this post! I've had the opportunity this week to hold my first iPad (wow!), participate in our first #GreekChat, and learn about all kinds of emerging technology from our partners who support the fraternal market.

Social media is exploding, and we are just dipping our toe in the water in terms of our involvement with #GreekChat, Twitter use during our #AFLVNCGLC event this week (and in St. Louis for #AFLVNBGLC), and other ways to help make connections among students and supporters of the fraternal market.

How are you using technology in your role? With your chapter? Your council? Your campus? Do you have a Twitter account? Facebook group page? How will it change in the next few weeks? As you do action planning for next year, how are you integrating technology? How should we utilize technology to serve you better?

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Spenser said...

The iPad is just the start of a whole new generation of computing. The way we interact with each other has become more and more virtualized, evidenced by the rapid rise in Facebook's popularity. Now, with the iPad's interface and the direct interaction with content (being able to live in and directly touch your content), technology will be more and more an integral part of the way we live. Fraternities and sororities are no different. Get started now, or stay behind!