Monday, May 24, 2010

Hitting the Panic Button Sooner

I recently attended a meeting for an organization. Later that evening over dinner, I was talking to one of the board members about his involvement with developing leaders, specifically MBA students. He said to me in a conversation, "Leaders need to hit the panic button sooner."

The problem is that leaders often hit the panic button to late, or not at all. At that point, the end result is inevitable. There's very little you or anyone else can do to alter or shape the outcome.

Think about that.

What happens when you hit the panic button early? While some might argue that it's like "crying wolf", as I reflect on my own experiences, hitting the panic button sooner got me in to action to have an impact and revise the final version of events.

It gave me time to critically think. It allowed me to phone a friend. To get advice.

Worst case: it often feels like things weren't as big of a deal as I thought.
Best case: I can step in and help influence the outcome.

It's sage advice - as leaders - we need to hit the panic button sooner.

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