Monday, September 19, 2011

One Little Thing

Unless you're under a rock, you know this week is National Hazing Prevention Week. What are you and your chapter doing to recognize this important issue? You've seen last week's Call to Action from the North-American Interfraternity Conference, right? Did you love it? Did you agree with it? Did you re-post/tweet it? Okay, great, but the big question remains: WHAT ARE YOU ACTUALLY DOING? How will your actions change to better align with your fraternal values? Lucky for you, we've got an idea. Take a stand. Start this week. Do #onelittlething that leads to the elimination of hazing in your chapter or community. One thing.

Maybe it's talking to a brother or sister about your uneasiness about hazing. Say it out loud: "I don't think it's the right thing to do," "I don't like it," "What could we do instead?"

Maybe it's choosing not to be present when it happens. First remove yourself from the situation and next remove one other person. The Domino Effect.

Maybe it's replacing a hazing activity with something that still promotes membership, unity, and loyalty without being harmful or humiliating. A service project, a brother/sisterhood event, one-on-ones for big/little brother/sister pairs.

Maybe it's bringing a resource to a chapter meeting that you think will illustrate the dangers of hazing.

Maybe it's speaking up to share that you didn't actually like being hazed... and don't actually like hazing others.

Whatever it is for you, commit to doing #onelittlething this week.

What will you do?

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