Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Why Fraternities and Sororities Are Not Stupid: Reason #2

And we're back! It's one week later, and fraternities and sororities still aren't stupid. In fact, today we focus on exactly how not stupid they really are.

Reason #2: The Greek GPA is higher than the non-Greek GPA at the top party schools.

We recognize that the Princeton Review's rankings are highly subjective, but this report shows at the "Top 20 Party Schools" known for their party cultures and large fraternity/sorority communities, the fraternity and sorority GPA is actually higher than that of unaffiliated students. Fraternities and sororities form an academic support network to help their members succeed.

We've heard some really cool ideas from different chapters that succeed academically. Since we're such great friends, we thought we'd share.

  • Partner with academic resources on campus like the Writing Center, the Math Lab, or Supplemental Instruction. This one seems the most practical, but it's totally underutilized. They are on campus to help you succeed academically. Your sorority or fraternity is on campus to help you succeed overall. It's like a match made in Heaven.
  • Give your chapter members incentives to achieve. We already know that bad grades get punished: by the chapter, by the university, by your (inter)national organization, and any others who choose to shame you. But what if you recognize and reward academic achievement? Try small gifts at chapter to recognize achievements throughout the semester like A's on test or papers. Keep chapter members motivated throughout the semester so they can celebrate great things at the end. We're obsessed with the ones with catchy names like "smarty pants" involving free pants or "skippy award" involving peanut butter cookies for those that do not skip class.
  • Have coffee or dinner for your professors. This is a great way to get to know your professors and do something great and commendable on campus. Invite all professors on campus and let them get to know your chapter. Your chapter members are more likely to visit their professors when they need help if they've met them before. Not to mention your faculty will remember be able to make a connection between the organization that showed their appreciation and the students rockin' their letters in class.
So, now you know that fraternity/sorority members tend to have a higher GPA, and you have tips to keep it that way. Let's keep it that way so we can still mean it when we say we aren't stupid.

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