Thursday, December 20, 2012

Consciousness of Self

My name is Kelly Griffith, and I am a a sophomore and a proud sister of Alpha Xi Delta at Florida Atlantic University.

On site today we continued to put our hard work into this house that we aspire to make into a home. In the past couple of days we have made incredible progress on this house as a team, and I believe that the positive energies that are being exuded from each and every man and woman on this trip have been a huge contributing factor to that progress. I have been thinking that these nails that we are hammering into these walls aren't just nails; these nails, walls, and windows represent a new beginning for a family that might have not had one otherwise. They represent a reinforcement that their home will hopefully be safe, God forbid, if another storm like Katrina were to hit this area again.

In tonight's discussion we talked about "Consciousness of Self" and how self assessment and awareness of our personal beliefs, values, and attitudes, is a integral part in the leadership process. We also discussed what growth and changes we had personally experienced so far this week. That gave us all time to think about our experiences, what we've learned, and how we are going to internalize them and use them to lead in the future when we go back to our organizations in the Spring semester. A beautiful quote was brought up in the group conversation today by a gentleman of Pi Kappa Alpha named Scott Cunningham. He quoted, "Service is love made visible", he explained this quote by saying that you can serve your financial wealth or material wealth and it will show that that is what you love, or you can serve your community and it will show that you love others and that you are willing to sacrifice your time and energy to help another person. As the Dalai Lama said, "As long as space remains, as long as living beings remain, I will remain in order to serve."

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