Monday, January 27, 2014

Let's Make 2014 the Year of the Member (Part 2)

So you read part 1 of "Let's Make 2014 the Year of the Member." Now you're ready to make your plan and implement programs that are about the member instead of checking off your box of stuff you have to do. Let's do it!

Making the plan
For each bullet point, checkbox, or requirement, go through the following steps:
  1. Brainstorm ways to accomplish this task that will make members want to be a part of the process. Think about it in this mindset: What will make them want to attend? Will they find it valuable?
  2. Decide on every step necessary to complete this task, write it down, and delegate tasks. What is EVERYTHING that needs to happen? When is the deadline for each step? Whose help is needed
  3. Pick a person (or people if appropriate) to be responsible for each item. This individual will be held accountable by everyone to make sure things get done.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for each requirement.
  5. Be the best chapter or council anyone has ever seen.

Still confused?
Let’s try it with an example of a requirement for a chapter regarding philanthropy.

The chapter sponsors or co-sponsors at least two philanthropic projects per year with a chapter from another council.
  1. Brainstorm ways that make members want to be part of your event. Once you get everyone together, try to consider events that most of your members will be interested in. Come up with something that people will not only attend, but will be excited to participate in and be a part of.
  2. Pick a date, find a space, reserve any equipment needed. When does each part need to be completed, and who will complete them? These individual due dates should be written down and posted for everyone know.
  3. Appoint a Leader. Who is responsible for it all? Ultimately, everyone should have some responsibility and should be holding each other accountable, but you should pick one individual to be the ringleader. If this is related to recruitment, the Recruitment Chair should probably be in charge. If you are working on a PR campaign, it might not be wise to have the Intramural Chair in charge.
Following this simple process for each step will set you up for success when you apply for your awards and fill out accreditation applications. Just remember: getting the binder filled is the easy part; the most important part is setting up your year around the members of your organization.

Oh, and make sure you turn your report in on time!

This guest blog is the second in a two-part series by Steve Backer. Steve is in his second year of graduate school studying Higher Education Administration at Southeast Missouri State University where he serves as the Graduate Assistant to Fraternities and Sororities. Connect with him on Twitter at @Stevewithaph. 

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