Monday, March 2, 2015

Inspiring leaders, what do they think about?

In honor of National Ritual Celebration Week and International Badge Day, AFLV asked well known and respected fraternity & sorority professionals an important question:

What do you think about when you put on your organization’s badge or letters and why?

Their responses are inspiring and demonstrate lifetime commitment to their fraternal organizations.

“Other than the lifelong friendships, I think of the first stanza of my organization’s creed which says, ‘I believe in Delta Tau Delta for the education of youth and the inspiration of maturity so that I may better learn and live the truth.’ Truth will serve everyone who will adopt it in everything they do.”

- Ival Gregory, Delta Tau Delta alumnus
Manager of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs, Oklahoma State University

“Today, when I put on my badge, I am grateful that it is my mother's badge and she passed along the gift of AOII to me.  I also think of four young founders in college in 1897, decades before women had the right to vote, creating a women's organization.  Do I begin to have their vision? I think of their depth and wonder if we were charged today with writing a ritual, could we write something that would transcend time like they did?”

- Lori Hart, Alpha Omicron Pi alumna

“Every single time I put on my Phi Delta Theta badge, I immediately think back to that moment it was first placed on my chest.  That was more than 20 years ago, but the feelings, the emotion, the pride all brings me back to that moment. It then takes me to a place where I am so grateful for that experience, not only as a Phi Delt, but as a member of the larger Fraternal Community. The Fraternal experience has impacted my life in so many amazing ways – and I am incredibly grateful for the entire Fraternal family I've had the pleasure to be a part of.  Those people have influenced me, guided me, challenged me, and supported me all through my adult life.  My founders had a vision for Phi Delta Theta.  I’m proud to be part of both that ongoing tradition as well as connected to the entire Fraternal movement!”

- Mark Koepsell, Phi Delta Theta alumnus
Executive Director, Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values

“Whenever I wear my shield or letters, it reminds me of the commitment I made to Lambda Theta Alpha. The commitment to uphold the principles of Unity, Love, and Respect at all times and to always remember that Lambda Theta Alpha is and will always be a way of life.”

- Jennifer Morales, Lambda Theta Alpha alumna
Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life, Kennesaw State University

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