Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Kids

After spending the last two days doing construction I decided that spending a day with the children in Las Delicias would be a relaxing break to the mid-week hump…man was I wrong! The minute we arrived and said “hola” to the children, they swarmed us with their little hands. Each picked one of us out and immediately pulled us to the games to pick one out. Clara, decided on playing with the play dough (which was personally my childhood favorite). Like any typical 6 year old, she got bored and moved on to jump rope after 10 minutes. The rest of the day was spent switching from game to game, never taking a break. All of the children amazed me with their energy and how comfortable they were around us. The highlight of the day was when they all got ahold of our cameras. For them, a camera is a rare object and when they get their hands on one they don’t want to give it up. Coming from a culture where a digital camera is the norm, I forget to realize that they really are a luxury.

I also spent a lot of time talking (or attempting to talk) with one of the mothers that was present. She knew that my Spanish speaking was limited and really tried to help me out. While making bracelets with her, she was constanly pointing to objects and telling me what they were. This really helps to show me that the people of El Salvador are greatful for what we are doing and are very friendly people.

In seeing the kids and their happiness I start to wonder why we as Americans need so much to be happy? Even little things that we don’t consider luxuries are luxuries for the families. I know that in going home I will think twice about buying that extra luxury or complaining when I don’t get something. Just knowing how happy the kids are when I gave them a coloring book is enough to make me happy.

Only 2 more days and I’m missing it already. Hi to everyone at home, I miss you and I wish you could all be here to experience this with me!

Jenni Abram is a student at Western Michigan University and a member of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority.

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