Sunday, January 2, 2011

Here We Go!

Today was a great day aka arrival day. I left early this morning from my warm bed in Chicago at 5:30am. Flights were great, pretty empty, nothing to complicated. I arrived to my destination: El Salvador with 4 other sorority girls I met on the flight, thank goodness we all walked through customs together because traveling always makes me a little nervous. After the passport checks my small group led to way outside the airport doors. I turned around to sneak a peek at my new homes airport for the week. It shocked me to see that the airport resembled none other than a one story white house. I was welcomed with a muggy breeze, sweat slowly dewing on my forehead and Spanish gibberish heard from all around. The park trees across from the “aeropuerto” hit me like sinshine, bright yellow, reminding me how much I love autumns in Chicago. We then hopped a bus with Tricia our leader. Surprisingly, I felt bliss, calm and tranquil, this wasn’t my first time out of the country so I had no worries. Much anticipation for the upcoming week, but no worries. Now we were hitting 60mph on the highway flying through the greenery, it reminds me of Jurassic Park, sloping mountains, fog on the horizon and excitement fresh in the air as the open windows mangle my hair from the wind. BAM! Stuck in New Year traffic now. We stopped off the hike a monstrous mountain where locals set up on the top and tried to sell tourists hand ice shaved snow cones. Step after step, my group made it to the top El Puerto del Diablo. CLICK! Photo opportunity. Crazy Latin American traffic and 2 hours later we were at the volunteer house, meeting and greeting, it felt like formal Greek recruitment all over again. Safe, sound and loving my surroundings, I have made it to my destination ready to get to work and make a change!
Kelsey Creamer is a student at Arizona State University and a member of Gamma Phi Beta.

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