Wednesday, May 25, 2011


What a whirlwind this week has been so far! Meeting all of the women as we arrived at the house was fun on Monday night. Touring the French Quarter with everyone and our curriculum discussion on Monday night was really great because I got to know everyone so much better.

Tuesday was quite a bit more intense. Getting to the jobsite, I was definitely not prepared for what was in store. I knew it would be hot and I knew it would be hard work, but it was TOUGH work. I felt like my arms would fall off multiple times! I tried to keep my motivation high, but the importance of our work didn’t completely strike me until we took a drive through Musician’s Village and the Lower Ninth Ward, which is where Habitat has had a huge impact. Seeing the finished work and the outsides of the lived-in homes really hit it home for me.

Curriculum on Tuesday night was incredible. We discussed our personal visions and created visuals for our visions. The discussions that ensued really opened us up to each others’ lives, but they also helped us know where we’re going and start thinking about where we want to go. We were also all excited when our final friend, Amanda, joined us!

Today was also a hard work day onsite, but I think it was easier than yesterday because I knew what to expect. I also feel like we got a lot accomplished today! We had a great team working together on the side of the house and we were getting it done! We hung siding and got a panel of wood nailed up under the roof. Saying it doesn’t make it sound like a lot, but it was hard work! It’s so satisfying to see how well the house is coming along and I’m now wishing that I had taken a “before” picture of the house.

I think tonight’s curriculum was my favorite of all. We discussed our action plans in accordance with what we’ve already been discussing. I had an incredible conversation with Erin about where I want to take my chapter, making a plan of how to do that and also how I can better show my weaknesses and needs to my chapter. It’s only been about an hour and a half and I already have a million ideas running through my head! I am so excited to finish out the rest of the week and see what great things happen!

At the end of tonight’s curriculum discussion, we had to write down on index cards our high and our low for the week. My low was that I can’t stop thinking about leaving all of these amazing women on Saturday. That is going to be so so so incredibly difficult. I am not ever going to be prepared for it.

Maddie Mann is a senior at Northern Kentucky University and a member of Phi Sigma Sigma.

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