Thursday, May 26, 2011

What a Week!


I got up at 3:30 am, got dropped off to the Indy International Airport and was half asleep and ecstatic to get to New Orleans! I went through Memphis and then to New Orleans. The flights were terrifying because the flights were rough and bumpy. When I arrived at New Orleans the group of girls and I explored the French Quarter. It was very beautiful—and all the buildings were so old and looked so wonderful at the same time for their age. It was hard to believe they were THAT old. The signs throughout Bourbon Street were entertaining. We went back to the house later and introduced each other and went to bed because everyone was exhausted.


Working with Habitat for Humanity was a lot more grueling than one would expect. It looks a lot easier than what it is. The first day I learned how to saw wood and siding--- something no one at home would ever let me touch. So it was nice to have this new skill because it kept me busy for the rest of the afternoon—I also painted. We drove through the lower 9th ward and it was heart breaking after our workday. It was unbelievable how six years later there were so many houses ruined, condemned, and abandoned. Half the houses seem to be in that condition and the other half were Habitat for Humanity houses—it was AMAZING to see all the bright colors the home owners decided to paint their houses  it was very attractive. Our afternoon discussion we discussed leadership and ways to better ourselves as leaders and made a collage to describe ourselves. Mine wasn’t as nice as the other girls, but I feel it is all about being simplistic and past all the “fluff”. My first day was awesome!


UGGGHHH I am still sore from Wednesday! Several girls and I organized the sheds in the back and had lift several long boards that after the first time it felt like they were 100lbs. By the second time I was dropping them and hurting the other girls (I am too weak for my own good), but we did it!!! It was amazing to feel so accomplished and have those bragging rights with how many boards we lifted and siding we moved. My day consisted of organizing the sheds and attempting to lift stuff. As a result, I am now more muscular ;) ! Our afternoon discussion we gave each other advice how to be more organized and better leaders overall. It was awesome to hear everyone’s point of views and different lenses on how they view things. They are defiantly skills I will take back with me to Indiana. The girls are awesome—and I learned during our trivia about each other one of them dated someone from American Idol!! Unbelievable!


Today was very tiring. I got to help the people on the ladders and being out in the sun all day I got burnt today with 100 spf sunscreen. From the sunscreen the dirt that blew on me stuck to me so by the end of the day I was incredibly dirty!!! I also got to make marks for those putting the insulation in tomorrow and mark the spots for them with a pencil. Right now we are all making pizza together ( 8 of them!) and all sorts of different toppings and styles! I am incredibly excited for dinner tonight since it is all I know how to make! I feel useful in a kitchen finally  . Today’s discussion should be awesome and interesting because I am learning so much and eager to bring it back to Indiana to use! So far this has been an awesome experience!

Kim Reedy is a student at Indiana State University and a member of Delta Gamma.

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