Tuesday, December 20, 2011

TTP = Trust the Process!

Today was interesting to say the least.  I started out not knowing what the day would bring and ended it learning that sometimes you just need to TTP, “trust the process”.  These past few days I’ve come to truths with the fact that I like to over plan things because of the lack of trust I have in what the end result may be.  Within my life I’ve learned if you take the lead than you don’t have to fully put yourself in a position to be disappointed with anyone except yourself, but by doing so, I’ve missed out on a lot of life changing lessons that would eventually come my way. 

I was challenged to “TTP” by one of our trip coordinators this week and am amazed by the personal growth I’ve experienced.  At first, I questioned why we weren’t able to do the everyday experiences were accustomed to like going shopping and stopping at Dairy Queen.  Soon after a very smart individual brought to light that the purpose of this Service Immersion Trip is to immerse yourself in the culture and be able to identify with your surroundings on a personal level.  I learned that the everyday things we are accustomed to are privileges, not rights and that the people of Tuscaloosa have shopping for an Alabama sweatshirt as the least of their worries.  One needs to trust in their leaders and the purpose of what you are doing instead of constantly questioning.

On a personal note, today is one of those days I have been waiting for a while for, my 21st birthday.  I started out the day questioning a lot, from will people remember my birthday and did I make the right decision to be away from my family on a day of celebration?  I learned to trust in my Greek family, the Greek family we all have, but don’t always notice.  Having just met a few short days ago, these Greek leaders I have come in contact with truly are a family to me.  At the beginning of the day, I didn’t trust in the process and in those around me, but ended it receiving one of the best birthday cakes I’ve ever seen and with the best rendition of happy birthday that I’ve heard. 

While learning to “TTP,” I simultaneously learned to trust in myself and how I can bring that trust back into my everyday life.  Every one of us has that capability to trust and just let things happen without questioning whether what you or others are doing is the right.  Questioning your surroundings and purpose is good in certain situations, but sometimes to test your boundaries and grow you need to take that step back and trust in the leaders around you.  By trusting in the process, you will be able to step outside your comfort zone and realize that you don’t always have to be in control.  There is a reason for everything and your leaders are looking out for you and your best interests even when you’re unsure of that.  Trust in the process and you’ll be amazed by the personal growth that will result.

Jaime Domina is a junior at Grand Valley State University and a member of Phi Sigma Sigma.

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