Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sh*t Sorority Girls Say

Yeah, we saw it. The "Sh*t [insert population here] Say" videos are widely popular - and mostly pretty hilarious. What we can't figure out is this: is it funny because it's true or funny because it's shocking? The sad reality is - probably both.

Sure, we know that all sorority girls don't wear pink button ups paired with leggings, boots, and pearls. But, we know you know some who do.

The things is, stereotypes are usually funny and shocking because there is some truth behind them. I mean, if the "Sh*t RAs Say" video had the line, "I hate living in the halls, creating community is the worst" no one would laugh... because that's not what RAs say. Sure, the words have been uttered from an RAs mouth, but - let's be honest - it's just not the norm.

It's not like these stereotypes are a surprise, however. So why do we get our feathers ruffled when someone says them? Of course, in the ideal world, the video sound more like this:

"I'm so excited because our chapter's cumulative GPA was a 3.5!"

"Our fundraising event raised $5,000 for the domestic violence shelter!"

"[on the phone] What time is the diversity workshop tonight? Yes, I'll be there. Hey, can I bring my roommate?"

Even if they kept the stereotypical sorority girl dialect that added "like," "totally," and "literally" all over the place, it would still be a better video - at least to us. I mean, riiiight?

Is this really what your campus colleagues think of you? If so, what are you doing to defy this stereotype? Sure, some stereotypes and images don't change no matter what we do, but there are lots of steps that can be taken to defy them.

Like, don't do them.

How do you act in public? What are you doing when you're wearing your letters? Are these actions congruent with your values or not?

And, men, don't think you're off the hook. Obviously there is a video about you, too. It's just not as popular.

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SigEp Snuggles said...

I am hoping to present on this kind of topic at AFLV/NBGC Central as a part of the Ignite Fraternity. I would personally be focusing on "Total Frat Move" and the negative public impact that it is making.