Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 3

Day 3 Tuscaloosa means our third day of work, our third day of rebuilding and our third day of experiencing Tuscaloosa. After meeting with multiple residents of this truly fantastic community during these past few days has really been able to help me see what the tornado did to community. It took down many buildings, houses, trees bushes, but the storm did not take down this community. The storm that happened just over one year ago tore through the areas of Rosewood, Forest Lake, Alberta City and others but it has not been able to tear apart the people and their spirit.

It is truly inspiring to see a community that is well on its way to bouncing back to not just where it was before, but to improve and expand and learn on what life had to offer from them. While many citizens are still rebuilding their homes, businesses and hearts, volunteers are here to help. With a common bond of changing a wonderful Ms. Robinson’s home so far, 10 different fraternity and sorority members have been able to come together and learn from other to grow, not only on Tuscaloosa but each other. And Tuscaloosa has taught me even more about what it truly means to serve others. Giving back goes simply beyond fixing a fence, painting a house or clearing debris…here it is truly serving the community to assist them as they get back on their feet from their worst disaster in history.
This trip was simply about service in the beginning, but now for me this trip is about the ability to want to never stop growing, to always take a moment to appreciate what is around you because it could be gone at any moment and lastly to appreciate who is around because true friends can come from anywhere across this great nation and true friends have the ability to share a common bond and make a positive impact about what is around them no matter where they may be. All I can say is thank you Tuscaloosa for everything you have helped me see and helped to grow and everything else you will continue do for me in the upcoming days. Pi Kappa Phi ‘til I die and as always Roll Tide.
Colin Engel is completing his fourth year at Western Michigan University and is a member of Pi Kappa Phi.

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